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Plan Your Spoons is a shop that provides planner supplies for managing chronic illnesses and disabilities and is home to the Spoonie Chibis.

I started Plan Your Spoons after struggling to find the medical trackers that I wanted for my planner.  Since becoming disabled in 2014, I'd come to rely on my planner to navigate my many diagnosis and doctors.  And I needed stickers, as they were much easier to use with my arthritis.

The shop name is inspired by The Spoon Theory, a personal story by Christine Miserandino, that is popular among many people dealing with chronic illnesses and disabilities.  It describes the reality of living with limited energy, using "spoons" as a metaphor for units of energy.  Every activity costs one or more spoons.  A "healthy" person has an unlimited supply, a chronically ill person only gets a limited number per day and must "plan their spoons" wisely.

I hope that you can find what you need here to help you manage your Spoonie Life.


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Our Values

The values I hold in my home and in my shop are very simple.

We Believe:
Black Lives Matter
Feminism Is For Everyone
Humans Are Not Illegal
Science Is Real
Love Is Love
Healthcare Is A Human Right
Kindness Is Everything

As of June 2020, I'm including a die cut of this design with every order.