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Did you know that 41% of to-do items are never completed? I can definitely relate! For me, it's more like 75%.  And being a Spoonie it feels more frustrating because I'm tempted on my "high spoon" days to load up my To-Do List to try and catch up from the "low spoon" days where I was resting and couldn't do much.  But doing this leads to huge crashes and more Low Spoon days as I have to recover from trying to cram an over-full To-Do List into these days.Luckily, I finally figured out that a big to-do list is not...

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I try to unlearn the history myths all year. And Juneteenth is a time where I focus on the ones specific to Black people and their experiences and exploitation here in America.

This year, I found this video Knowing Better Video: The Part of History You've Always Skipped | Neoslavery which posed this Question: When was the last slave freed in America?

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